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Wanda Gordils
National President

Michelle Centeno
First Vice President

Lourdes Hernandez
Second Vice President

Vilma Colom

Rosemary Dominguez-Sotirios
Assistant Treasurer

Asteria Vives

Ketty Dominguez
Assistant Secretary


Deborah Lopez
President, Chicago

Ada Lopez
Delegate, Chicago

Marisol Miranda
President, Indiana

Becky Ortiz
Delegate, Indiana

Zoraida Seguinot
President, Miami

Betzaida Ferret
Delegate, Miami

Vilma Colom,
President, Northern Illinois

Mariaelisa Laracuente
Delegate, Northern Illinois

Katherine Ast
Delegate, Northern Illinois

Michelle Centeno
President, NY Manhattan

Amaris Hernandez
President, Philadelphia

Miriam Hernandez
Delegate, Philadelphia

Anaida Colon-Muniz
President, Southern California

Darma Paden, Delegate
Southern California

Paula Amador, President
D.C. Metro

Milagros McGuire, Delegate
D.C. Metro

Carmen Delgado Votaw
Delegate, D.C. Metro


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A Newsletter of the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women
Editor: Vilma Colom


NACOPRW Board of Directors
Executive Committee

Wanda Gordils, National President
Michelle Centeno, First Vice President
Lourdes Hernandez, Second Vice President
Vilma Colom, Treasurer
Rosemary Dominguez-Sotirios, Assistant Treasurer
Asteria Vives, Secretary
Ketty Dominguez, Assistant Secretary 


Debra Lopez, President, Chicago
Ada Lopez, Delegate, Chicago
Wanda Gordils, Delegate, Chicago

Marisol, President, Indiana
Becky Ortiz, Delegate, Indiana

Zoraida Seguinot, President, Miami
Betzaida Ferret, Delegate, Miami
Iris Corchado, Delegate, Miami

Vilma Colom, President, Northern Illinois
Mariaelisa Laracuente, Delegate, NorthernIL
Katherine Ast, Delegate, Northern Illinois

Michelle Centeno,President, NY Manhattan
Maria Roman, Delegate, New York
Gladys Colon, Delegate, New York

Amaris Hernandez,  President, Philadelphia
Miriam Hernandez, Delegate, Philadelphia
Valerie Gonzalez, Delegate, Philadelphia

Anaida Colon-Muniz, President, SoCal
Darma Paden, Delegate, SoCal

Paula Amador, President, D.C. Metro
Carmen Delgado, Delegate, D.C. Metro
Milagros McGuire,  Delegate, D.C. Metro



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If there is no chapter in your jurisdiction, you can become a National Member of NACOPRW by paying dues to the national organization.  Please fill out and send us your dues with the attached membership form.  Be part of a national sisterhood of savvy, successful Puerto Rican Women, an incredible network of professional and cultural support for YOU.

Send Vilma Colom information about what your NACOPRW chapter is doing
to help advance women’s causes so that we can share it in Ecos Nacionales.
 Deadlines are 2 weeks before March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1.

Editor: Vilma Colom, 

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